Your time to FLY …… Your time to SHINE

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Private Coaching

Barbara Hayward, the Law of Attraction Specialist, has mentored countless women and men to take charge of their happiness, abundance and successes.

Barbara has done this by sharing with them the secrets of Spirituality and the Universal Laws.  By combining both into their business and personal lives, her clients have been able to take off the mask of Limitation….. and live the life they have dreamed of.

A Master of Metaphors, Barbara teaches through stories, life experiences of what not to do (and what to do, but her stories of what not to do are much more interesting and enlightening), along with proven techniques and strategies that always bring amazing seemingly miracles and great successes into her clients lives.

Working with Spiritual  and Universal Laws has the ability to fast track all businesses, even if your business is life itself….to greater success and faster than ever before.  These techniques and strategies embrace personal responsibility as well as understanding that we are all co-creators in our own lives and once that is accepted…..taking of the mask of limitations….. the fun of co-creating what you do want into your life instead of what you do not want is very addictive and exciting.

Barbara’s mission is to deliver accurate and up-to-date techniques and strategies that allow her clients to live their dreams whilst she lives hers.