New profile image 1Barbara D. Hayward is a Spiritual Advisor, Clairvoyant/Medium and specializing in the area of Law of Attraction and all things Metaphysical.

She is a Spiritual Advisor, Clairvoyant, Prosperity and Law of Attraction Coach, Author, Inspirational Spiritual Speaker, Spiritual Business Mentor and a Workshop Facilitator.

At the age of 58, Barbara received a phone call that changed the course not only of her Professional life, but her personal life as well.

Now working primarily with businesses and people wanting to get ahead using spiritual techniques, Barbara is fulfilling her real passion and purpose through guiding people and businesses to reach their full potential so they can take their lives to the next level and live their dreams.

Barbara wears many hats.

(When you meet her you will understand she wears hats all the time).

As a Spiritual Advisor and Coach.  Barbara is able to work with her 30 years of spiritual training and her wealth of personal knowledge to help bring out the best in her clients.  Showing them that working spiritually makes life and success so much easier and in turn this make her clients experience happiness and joy more consistently.

As a practicing Clairvoyant.  Barbara is able to use her extraordinary abilities not only in her readings but in her Mentoring, Coaching and her Key-note Speaking.

As a Law of Attraction Specialist.  Having a great love in and having experienced many, many huge manifestations herself, Barbara is able to not only guide her clients into greater successes than they thought possible, she is able to use her abilities of Clairvoyance to help guide her clients to meet their destiny.

As a Key-Note Speaker.  The Master of Metaphors, not only is Barbara is a story teller, she speaks with humor, great wisdom and is very inspiring .  Barbara is a very down to earth speaker, she always works with Spirit to be guided to say what her audience needs to ‘hear’.

As an Author.  Barbara is a published Author in two books and is currently writing her Memoirs as a Spiritual advisor and is expected to be published in 2013.

As Businesses “Secret Weapon”.  Barbara uses her unique, accurate abilities to help business move into their future with great success.  Unfortunately Barbara is only able to take on a few selected clients a year as this is a highly personalized service she offers.

Barbara’s Story.

At the age of 30 I was a newly separated Mother of two young boys, living a very ordinary suburban life until I went for a reading with a Clairvoyant; little did I know from that day forward my life was never to be the same again.

The next time I went back to her, she did an Astrology chart on me and discovered I had 6 spiritual areas that I was very blessed in.  It was because of this she took me on as her student.  I was to begin a very arduous life altering journey that was both exciting and very hard work.  As this Teacher only took one student on at a time…and I was with her for 8 years….I had to follow her very stringent rules and trainings.

The way she taught was no answering back, no questioning her instructions and I was to most often ‘go out in life and life will teach me the answers’.  It was 5 years before I was allowed to do a reading, a healing or own a Tarot pack of Cards.  It was about Philosophy, getting a relationship with my people in Spirit solidified and to find my relationship with God.

At 38 I found myself with a new partner and because of this my New Zealand Partner, myself and one of my children decided to live in New Zealand, this meant one of my children decided to remain in Australia with his father.  I was very blessed that this son came over for a one month holiday 6 months later and stayed 5 years.

Going to New Zealand was I thought a decision that Denis and I jointly made, however it seems we were only doing the bidding of Spirit, the Universe and destiny.

It was in New Zealand that I found myself as a practicing Medium Clairvoyant.  I fell into having my own radio Clairvoyant hour on a well know National station; this lasted for 3 years until I decided I needed to retire from this particular commitment.

All the time I worked diligently doing private readings, workshops, seminars, public speaking, Psychic Fairs around the country, writing and running a business. It turns out that I was the first Clairvoyant that was featured in the daily newspaper in the Tauranga area in the Business section.

What become very difficult around the time of my radio show was I becoming extremely well know.  This caused one of my son’s difficulties as he was at an age when he had to cope with a lot of back-lash from his peers and possibly their parents.  My work 18 years ago in a town and a time  was very unusual and  combine that  with a lot of not only skeptics but strong religious people with even stronger beliefs that were directed not only at me but at times to my family.  I was very lucky have changed my name by deed poll several years previous and it was different to my boys and to my husband.

God really knew who he was sending me when I asked God for my Divine partner and 4 months later he sent me Denis ( I am coming up to our 20 year wedding anniversary in 20130).  He never shied away from what I do or who I am…..they are actually the same thing. I have been so blessed by my two boys that have not always agreed with me however have always loved and encouraged me to remain different and uniquely myself.

As all good Mediums seem to experience, I became very sick and as dying was not an option in my world, I decided to spend time using all my teachings, awareness and knowledge to change the obvious outcome.

One of the many things I learnt out of this amazing experience was  the  world was definitely in Divine Order and I wasn’t here to save it.  This was so liberating for me.  I had this revelation at 50 years of age and never looked back.

It was about this time I begun to do what I loved.  I love business and I love Spirit and I love God and I really love the Law of Attraction.

Now living in Australia, boys with children of their own, I live the most amazing life teaching businesses and individuals to be more spiritual.  I teach the Law of Attraction and work with businesses around the world to live their Divine dreams and become their magnificent selves.

I have had the privilege to have spoken with personal (not including my readings) to around 5,000 people who have come up to me after church services, psychic fairs, guest speaking gigs, Lionesses Clubs, Schools. That is a part of my work for Spirit I love.

Been a Grandma of 7 amazing children just on that alone…life does not get any better.  Yet life everyday reveals its most incredible secrets, adventures and realizations that never cease to amaze me.  I love the Universal Laws and I especially love the Law of Attraction and its ability to co-create with me all that I request forth to the Universe…the good, the bad and the doubting.  Even I have to be constantly on guard of my thoughts, my words and my conversations.

I am in the process of writing a book of my memoirs that is going to be made into a documentary movie. I speak on radio, running an Internet Business, enjoying  an amazing lifestyle……. whilst I still study for my own Higher Self, Spirit sure has a Destiny for me, and at 60 years of age it has only just begun.  WooHoo