Dreaming of new Paths


Chinese proverb

1I find myself often saying…I am going to change, my life isn’t working…I need to re-invent my life and myself….however the same old me and the same old life continues.

As I look over my life that is not entirely true. Some things have changed, however I look at my life and see I am living pretty much the same sort of life.

The more I time I spend re-inventing myself, the more I seem to get , not only to know myself….. I observe that what I though I wanted in the past is no longer what I want now nor is it suitable for who I am becoming.

So…..what dreams do I realise I now dreaming and not putting into place? What goals and aspirations are still in my head and are not at their planning stages? What fear is stopping me? What ways am I talking myself out of my new experiences?

What I do know is this…it takes courage to make change. Even change that is required because my life isn’t working as it should for me.

With all that in mind……what actions do I need to take to begin the journey of a new path, new dreams fulfilled?

I am beginning to know and understand mine, what are yours?

What new path do YOU want to walk? What excuses are you using to walk the same old path…when the new Divine path is screaming out for you to join it?

Know at any given moment you can create a different action to go on your new beautiful Divine journey……


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