Letters From Grandma


Barb book cover finalFollow the threads of Barbara’s amazing journey as she weaves the tapestry of developing into a world-renowned medium-clairvoyant.
Explore with Barbara as she learns about personal trust, love and forgiveness through the experiences of despair, molestation and heartbreak.
Laugh with Barbara as she relates her adventures of having a ‘spirit’ lady baboon as her personal secretary and of having the grandfather pine tree ask the forest to release all its fruit, so the pine-cones can keep her family warm from a harsh, cold winter of New Zealand.
Mourn with Barbara as shares her decades of not recovering from the pain of grieving for a child lost and the need to hide her grief because society dictates this should not be aired.

“This book of memoirs is truly a Sacred Journey, one which is written from the heart, written with discernment and integrity. Such a Spiritual and Personal journey of loss and gain over Barbara’s life. Loss of innocence, loss of identity, loss of the worst possible kind. I personally found such heartfelt messages in the pages and it would be true to say this is a powerful book of learning and transformation. Barbara’s strength and adversity shines through on every page.  Barbara D Hayward…… behind the mask, behind the persona. Written indeed at the exact right time in order to relate help and empower fellow Mothers who have suffered similar to Barbara. Barbara truly is deserving of merit for such an open and honest account of her past years. An inspiring book that will surely bring peace and offer clarity.” Jo Hunsley

Rejoice with Barbara as she shares the wonders of her ‘People”.

This book offers a totally new and unique way of seeing life through the eyes of an innovative and fascinating Spiritual teacher, while keeping the information simple and exciting. Laughter, tears, success, philosophy, adventures and immense despair make this a great read. While it is an easy book to read, it is definitely not an easy read.

“From the moment I saw the front cover of “Letters from Grandma” I was intrigued. There was a promise of gentle authenticity and insight to be found within. I was not disappointed. Barbara’s story unfolds in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting in a comfortable chair, in front of the fire reading a letter written just for you. Barbara weaves learnings and insights into and around her life story and tells it in a way that cannot help but impact your life. A true story teller.” Susan Wyatt

“It is a candle that will enable many others to speak their truth with pride”

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