Living a Spiritual Life

blog image living a spiritual lifeLiving a Spiritual Life is not as easy as it sounds…however it is very rewarding and is really powerful.
Have you noticed that working with the Spiritual Energy that is all around you gives a greater depth to your day? Life definitely becomes your Spiritual Teacher, and at times a harsh Teacher at that. It is like ‘my people’ in Spirit are saying to me…”get on the Spiritual Program my Friend”. It is then that I realize that I am going to be on a bit of a roller coaster ride until I get ‘The Awareness’ that is waiting for me.
The issues seem to come in, at times, faster and more frequently than ever. It is when I step back from my personal issues, take a deep breath…count to ten…take another deep breath and see what my Universal friends are trying to teach me about myself and life, that I can bring in true Gratitude for the lessons learnt.
Have you observed that this process can be most difficult and definitely most revealing? To be absolutely honest, in the middle of an unsympathetic situation I haven’t yet yelled at the top of my lungs…..Thank you Universe for this amazing life lesson, WOW how blessed am I. Actually it is mostly quite the opposite.
It is when I am able to sit in contemplation with the new ‘Teachings’…… that great joy comes into my heart. What happens to you? How do you feel when you have gone through the situation and grasped the new teachings? Do you have an ‘aha moment’ or does the knowledge come upon you slowly? I personally experience both, depending to my openness to listening and wanting to learn.
I feel incredibly blessed to have walked this very distinct path in the Conscience Presence of Spirit for over 30 years.
I am still in awe of what ‘they’ have to teach me, and how much more I have to learn. Let me know what has been the ‘main lessons’ that you have learnt in your journey walking with Spirit?

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