What people are saying about Barbara …

Helena Steel

When I met Barbara, I was on the precipice to discovering that Spirit existed and that I could expand my interest and Helena Steel photo 1knowledge further in this area, especially in conjunction with running my business. I was like many people searching for more meaning and understanding in the universe. Barbara was instrumental in guiding teaching, mentoring and supporting me in techniques and systems that have helped to change my life forever. Specifically Barbara is willing and giving of herself so that others can learn and grow. She is a “Wise Woman” and many times we have had to digress, whilst she consults with her “People”. She is a “Master of Metaphors” a term I coined for her. However metaphors are a powerful technique in teaching something whilst not telling! Always we have an outcome that is more truer and greater for the common good. I have loved working with Barbara, and will continue to connect with her and her business. I highly recommend her to any executive like myself who is spiritually connected and keen to use Spirit in their Business!

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Sophie Trpcevski

Being spiritually mentored by Barbara has made a huge difference to my life and business.   My relationship with myself Sophie photo 1is much healthier which then transformed my relationship with my husband  which is now more open and loving,  By running a business coming from the heart each day brings joy, excitement and opportunities with ease and manifesting is fun and magical and for these skills I am truly grateful and can’t thank you enough Barbara.  Also being able to have you by my side gives me strength and confidence.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  Liz O’Dwyer

I have had the pleasure of knowing Barbara for several years now. I met Barb at a time when my business was in turmoil. Liz photo 1Through gentle guidance, education, and unwavering support I have been able to gain much clarity around my business and my message. My sessions with Barbara are as much a personal learning journey as well as a business learning journey. If not for her advice, I would still be floundering in my business. Her many years in business, coupled with her spiritual connections make a dynamic combination for success. One she is now sharing with others. She has provided many insights into my business, and provided me with the bigger picture that I know I am capable of achieving, yet never had the courage to dream that big. I know these goals are capable of being achieved in a much shorter timeframe than I thought possible. With a few very strategic moves my business is in the throes of achieving my long term goals in a very short space of time. I have immense respect for Barbara. I highly recommend you engage her services if you are serious about taking your business to the next level.


 Lisa Mahar

I am a business consultant and expert in organisation development and business improvement. I help organisations Lisa Mahar imagesolve problems and reach their goals. I got involved with Barbara after meeting at a business training event. We completed a training activity together and spent 2 days in a close group, learning how to expand our businesses. During that time she got to know my business and goals and vice versa.

My reason for choosing to work with Barbara was because she is an intuitive business consultant. This means she has been able to provide a unique insight into profiling my business and the people I work with. The price for working with Barbara has been minimal compared to the techniques she has applied to my business.

My experience in working with Barbara as a business advisor has seen her give me practical guidance on how on how I to meet my business goals and objectives. She has explored business opportunities, including new streams of income, marketing ideas and concepts. Barbara has also discovered how to improve weak areas in my business.

I would recommend Barbara because of her longevity in the industry, her direct approach and her ability to guide businesses in a way that no other business consultant can.

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